Lana - Entry 37

I love having a girlfriend! Its terrific fun. Lilith seems to have no shortage of coin and insisted that I let her buy me new clothes. While she made the offer she looked me up and down while turning up her nose at me all at the same time. I felt so self-conscious I could hardly argue. The next town we came across we went shopping. Well, Lilith went shopping and I just followed her around. We went into a shop and she would pick up a shirt and rub the fabric between her fingers before declaring the garment completely unworthy. Either the fabric was too rough, the weave shabby, the color vulgar. I had no idea that there was so much to picking out clothes!! It was an overwhelming, whirlwind that was oddly invigorating. I tried to pay attention to each judgment she made and I clung to each word trying to see what she saw. I’ve never learned so much so fast.

My head was still spinning when we walked out, new clothes in hand (they weren’t up to Lilith’s standards but she said they were at least passable) when she instructed me not to look across the street. Of course I then proceeded to look directly across the street. A group of young men were hanging out at the corner and I accidentally made eye contact with one when I had looked over. He smiled at me and started walking towards us. I heard Lilith exhale the word ‘great’. 

He came over to us, directly in front of us, practically blocking our way with his band in tow. He flashed a smile at us and asked where we were going. His smile was nice, but he was nowhere near as dashing as Sal. My stomach did little somersaults anyway. Lilith linked her arm in mine and pushed past him without answering. They continued to follow us asking questions and telling us how beautiful we were. Lilith would reply the rudest things over her shoulder, things I would never dream of saying, but they seemed to love it! They would hoot and holler at us till we got out of town. The whole situation made me nervous and I was worried at how mad Lilith must be but then I caught a glimpse of a little smile on her lips. She was playing with them. I have so much to learn!