The Past Is Rising is a compelling fantasy epic that revolves around the uprising of dark forces bent on wresting a kingdom from its rightful rulers. Several warriors will discover that their true destinies are to salvage their kingdom and defeat the rising evil.

At fourteen, Erik dreams of past glories. He was not alive when the False Kings marched against their nephew and laid siege to the city of Meraview. Now, perched on the outer wall, Erik imagines the two great armies battling on the plains outside the city. His excitement mounts as he spies a horse and rider racing to reach Meraview.

This lone messenger is Eve, cousin to the High King—and she brings troubling news. The False Kings, once again, are gaining power. When Eve leaves to spy on the False Kings, Erik and his friend Hobble follow her. Along the way, they will learn about lost regal bloodlines, battle against ancient magical forces, and make new allies in the fight against evil.

Sinister forces closely watch Erik and his new companions. Are these young people ready to face the return of the False Kings? Or will they simply be anonymous casualties in the coming war?