The Making of a Big Comfy Reading Chair

So, I wanted a big comfy reading chair but I didn’t want to buy one…. spoiler alert, it is definitely NOT easier nor cheaper to refurbish an old chair! After hours of watching YouTube videos (the end all and be all of how-to’s) I decided I was ready to embark on an adventure and re-upholster that old chair. After all how hard can it be? In retrospect I should have contemplated my response to that question just a little bit more. It all started easy enough – find all the staples and pull them out. All right, I can totally do that. Armed with a screwdriver and pair of needle nose pliers by the end of the day I had just a few springs attached to a wooden frame. Then began the process of slowly rebuilding and reinventing the space around the chair, which mainly consisted of pulling and then stapling fabric over padding to that wooden frame. Surprisingly enough, I did manage to complete the project without stapling myself to it. However, somehow - and the mechanism by which is completely unfathomable to me -  staples have somehow found there way into my carpet and embedded themselves there. Seriously, they’re everywhere. I hate shoes and go barefoot whenever possible, however I am now contemplating slippers due to the omnipresent tiny metal spears throughout my carpet. Most of the work wasn’t too bad, at least until I got to the arms, which I did last with the exception of the back of the chair. Here in lay my challenge. I wanted big comfy arms, something you could really snuggle up to but the existing infrastructure was … lacking. So, I sewed and I stuffed and then I did it all again. And well voilà! I successfully created the monster you now see in the pictures before you! I don’t think reupholstering is one of my innate skill sets.

Chair Before and After.jpg