Lana - Entry 5

Things have become strange since the last time I wrote. Madeline seems anxious and on edge all the time. She is startled at the drop of a pin. She has commanded me not to leave the house, and yes I mean commanded. She says it’s for my training but I’m not sure that I believe her. She seems scared. And her being scared frightens me. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy and distracted but there’s not much to do when you’re confined to the house. I’ve scrubbed the floors, washed the windows, and dusted all the hard to reach places. I’ve even started putting more effort into my cooking; taking my time with it and really doing it right. Which means I’ve been eating more. If Madeline doesn’t lift my house arrest soon she won’t have to worry about me going outside because I won’t fit out the door!

As for my training, after that first night she had me help her with the wreath, my lessons have been slow going. Madeline has begun by going over different plants with me. She has taught me that catnip and peppermint will reduce a fever, birch bark would take away muscle and joint pain, ground ivy is used to treat fevers and coughs, and cowslips to induce calming. She’s having me keep a notebook and everything I learn I make meticulous note of and drew pictures of the leaves and roots and flowers. But I don’t really feel like any of this is training, more like she’s doing her part to keep me busy.

Here are my thoughts… Madeline and Pan were up to something, looking for a girl, a girl Pan hadn’t been able to find without Madeline. Then Pan left in a big hurry. So, either: 1) they were successful and they found out where the girl was somehow or 2) they did something wrong and are in trouble. If it is option number one maybe Pan left to go get her and Madeleine is just nervous. If it’s option number two and something went wrong that would explain why she seems scared. Only problem is that neither of then explains why I can’t leave the house! I’m really hoping its option number one but clearly I need to do some digging. I’ll let you know what I find out.