Lana - Entry 22

I’m not sure what’s happening but I don’t like any of it. Sal and Henrick were fighting about something when they thought I wasn’t around. I had gone to check the snares and when I came back I could hear the two of them. They were definitely fighting even though they were talking in whispers. Their hushed fight went something like this:

First, Sal told Henrick, “Its not your decision to make. You shouldn’t even be here.” For a moment after hearing that I was thrilled, I thought Sal was going to kick him out.

But then Henrick said, “And what let you cut me out of the deal? That’s not going to happen.”

“Cut you out of the deal? What have you done anyway? Except show up here and make her nervous.”

“I gave you a second opinion on the girl, just like you asked. I’ve done my part and now I’m here to make sure you do yours.” I could see Sal’s face redden with rage at Henrick’s words but then he looked up and saw me standing there, rabbit in hand.

His mood changed instantly as he congratulated me on the rabbit, walked over and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. And their fight was over just like that. I trust Sal completely but I’m scared of Henrick. Whatever sort of deal the two of them have I hope its over soon so he can leave. For now, I’m going to stick really close to Sal.