Lana - Entry 52

I’ve found her and I have a plan. I can’t believe it! I’ve done something right for once.

They were stopped right by the side of the road, like they didn’t care if anyone found them. But I guess why would they care? I doubt they thought I’d give chase and even if I did I doubt they’d think I was much of a threat. But they don’t know; they don’t know about my curse.

There are two of them, both tall skinny men. They don’t look like much but I can still feel the bruises his sharp fingers left on my arms the last time one of them got a hold of me. At least, one of them was stronger than they looked. They sat on the ground around a fire. Lilith was there, her hands and feet still bound. How surprised she was going to be to see me. I can’t wait to see the look on her face. 

Here’s the plan. I can’t take them by force, even if I’m sneaky so I’m going to have to use my secret weapon. I’m going to have to make the curse work for me. I’ll leave the coin, somewhere safe but not far away. I’ll wait for the wind to pick up, as I know it will. When I can really hear the voices I’ll run towards Lilith. With the world flying out of control, they’ll be distracted and I can untie Lilith and get back to the coin before it can get me. I can do this, I know what to expect. It will be just how it was with Sal. I’ll get back to the coin before it gets too bad.

I know its risky and I am scared. I’ve fought so hard to stay alive and I don’t want to die. Not yet. But I don’t have a choice. I have to do this. I have to be strong for Lilith. I am going to leave this journal behind… just in case I don’t come back. If I don’t make it maybe someone will find it and maybe some small part of the world will not forget that I existed. A piece of me will remain.

But I know everything will be ok. Lilith and I have so much more of the world to see together. So many more adventures await us!

Well, good-bye for now.