Lana - Entry 50

Well, mission accomplished, I have a horse. There was a small town not far from where Lilith was taken. After sunset I crept in as quietly as I could. It wasn’t as dark as I had hoped it would be, the street lamps still burned and the moon was full. I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a darken store window. I was surprised at the girl looking back at me. She didn’t look as fragile as I remembered myself to be. I took a step closer and saw the determination in my own eyes. For the first time I felt like I could actually do this. A bright silver streak on my check caught my eye. My fingers went up to touch it. My skin didn’t feel any different. But there it was, where the man had touched me; a silver mark in the shape of a crescent moon. How odd. But I didn’t have time to waste thinking about it. I had to find a horse.

And there one was, tied up outside of a bar. Its brown body looked dull in the moonlight and there seemed to be absolutely nothing remarkable about the beast but I really didn’t care. She would work. I freed her reins from the post and mounted. I don’t have a lot of experience with horses but when Pan use to visit sometimes she would come on a horse. It was never the same one, and some were meaner than others but with the nice ones she would let me ride around a little and I had loved it. Definitely some of my happier memories. 

A man came out of the bar, jarring me from my thoughts. He yelled at me to get off the horse, that it wasn’t mine. I looked up and he caught sight of my face. Instantly he took a step back as if suddenly afraid of me. “Take it” he whispered continuing to step backwards. “Take it, and get the hell out of here, get away from me.” He seemed almost frantic at this point.

He was now the one scaring me. I kicked the mare’s sides hard and we took off. I don’t know why he freaked out but it doesn’t matter. I now have a chance of catching Lilith.