Lana - Entry 27

I am now a murderer and a thief. I know that it was wrong of me but I was starving. I was walking through yet another small town when I passed in front of a tavern. It smelled so good, you can’t even imagine! I couldn’t stand it, I think it was literally making me insane. Just the smell made my mouth water and my stomach cramp in protest. Tears were in my eyes, not from sadness but from the desire to eat. I was cold and starving. I hadn’t been warm in days. I knew I was dirty, filthy almost, but I wasn’t going anywhere near the cold creek water to wash. The tavern looked so warm I had to go in. I couldn’t stop myself, my feet just kind of lead the way. I was going to go in and beg for food, on my hands and knees if I had to. I remember the sensation of walking into the room; it was so warm that my body instantly relaxed, it was so unexpected I nearly peed myself.

The place was packed, people were moving about everywhere. I clung to the wall and tried to blend in. Then I saw it, a man sitting at a small table all by himself got up and left (I’m assuming it was to go relieve himself based on the large, empty beer glass that had been in front of him). Moments after his departure, the waitress came and dropped off a meat pie where he had been sitting. I couldn’t move or even think, I was mesmerized by the glistening crust and the steam that rose from the slits on top. And then without even thinking I moved toward the table. I grabbed the pie and clutching it to my chest I ran out the door.

I continued to run down the street and out of town. I didn’t stop till I could no longer see or hear the place. By the time I stopped to eat it I was wearing most of the pie but that didn’t matter. I’ve never had food taste so good before. I ate so fast I nearly made myself sick but I didn’t pay any attention to that, it felt so good to be eating.

I don’t know what they would have done to me if they’d caught me and I really can’t think about that right now.