Lana - Entry 26

Now I know there is a god or gods and him/she/they hate me. It’s the only rational argument. No one, and I mean no one can be as unlucky as I am. It’s just not statistically possible, so there must be a higher power that hates me.

I was robbed today, a man took all of my money. No, he didn’t get the coin. I was running away from him and before he caught me I managed to swallow the coin. That’s going to be fun later. Another wonderful gift from the all powerful hating being, I’m sure.

I have little left in the way of food and no money now to buy more. My snares haven’t caught a rabbit in days and I’m living off small pieces of stale bread. I can tell I’m losing weight because of the way my clothes just hang off of me. I know I’m not eating enough to replace the energy I expend from all the walking. But what choice do I have, right?