Lana - Entry 31

The most peculiar thing happened to me today, I met someone, a girl. And its not that I met a girl that’s peculiar, its how I met her. See, she was walking quickly through the streets of a town, the hood of her jacket was pulled low over her bent head but her dark eyes were darting back and forth. I wasn’t sure if she was in trouble or if she was up to something. My curiosity was killing me so I just had to follow her… I know I know, I bring trouble on myself. But I had just been so bored and lonely. I would never admit this out loud but I miss Sal, or at least I miss the person he was pretending to be. It was nice having a friend, someone to talk to, instead of passing the day alone. So, yeah, I followed her knowing that I shouldn’t. But can you blame me?

As I follow her I noticed that I wasn’t the only one. Two tall thin men seemed also to be on her trail. Now how fair is that? Two grown men going after one small girl. Instantly, I decided I was going to help her. I took off running.

The plan was to go one street over and get in front of her, that way when she reached the next corner I would be there. She was far enough in front of the two men that if I called to her and got her to turn the corner we would have a few moments to exchange jackets, her to hide and for me to get a little further down the road. We had about the same frame, although I am a bit bigger, her hair was raven black where mine is sandy river bottom brown but with the hood that shouldn’t matter. That was the plan and I must admit, I’m brilliant! It worked perfectly. Although, I think I scared her a bit when I whisper/yelled at her from around the corner. But she caught on quickly when she saw that I was offering her my jacket.

I allowed the two men to catch up to me and I felt strong fingers dig into my shoulder. I spun around and two yellow eyes were staring at me. Fear leapt up in my belly while looking into those eyes, he scared me. But as soon as he saw my face he simply let me go and they walked away. I waited for a bit to make sure that they were gone before returning to where the girl was hiding.

She didn’t say anything at first, so I just handed her back her jacket and she mine, then I turned to walk away. It took her a moment but eventually she jogged to catch up to me. She thanked me and I told her she was welcome. She looked absolutely perplexed at me and asked if I wasn’t going to ask her why they were following her. I told her ‘no’, that it was none of my business. She seemed extremely satisfied with that and she asked if she could walk with me for a bit, that they wouldn’t be looking for two girls. I said yes and we walked out of town. She’s still with me and doesn’t really seem in a hurry to leave either. We don’t talk that much but I did find out her name was Lilith.

Don’t worry, I have more than learned my lesson. I don’t trust anyone and I am not telling Lilith anything.