Lana - Entry 32

Well, Lilith is still tagging along. After our first encounter she stayed with me all the way out of town and until I stopped to rest. When I got up to move again I thought she would stay there or go her own way but she asked if she could travel with me for a little longer. I know that I should have said no. I didn’t know a thing about this person except she was quite, seemed a little sad and was in trouble. Maybe I felt bad for her because that’s how I felt. What a downtrodden pair we make! Anyway, I said yes.

She still hasn’t told me why she’s in trouble, which is fine because I haven’t told her about mine. There’s not much I can talk to her about. I can’t mention Madeline or my life with her because then she might ask questions about why I left. I can’t tell her about Sal because she might ask questions about him. We did manage to strike up a bit of a conversation though. I told her about the amazing and unbelievable things I saw at the fall festival and she talked to me about history and the places that came before that no longer existed. She’s knows so much! It’s fascinating.