Lana - Entry 34

Lilith and I have had a very lazy day today and I have to say its been wonderful! We stumbled across the most picturesque of meadows. It was so beautiful it almost hurt. We decided to have a picnic there, the sun wasn’t strong but the weather wasn’t too bad. The goldenrod (one of the only flowers that blooms this late in the season) surrounded us and the little yellow flowers made the day seem brighter than it was. I took it upon myself to make her a crown out of them and she seemed truly moved. I couldn’t believe that a little thing like that could make her so happy. Her hand kept going up to her head to make sure it was still there. She said she’s never had a flower crown before. I spent the rest of the day teaching her how to make them until we were covered in wilting plant bits.

It wasn’t as exciting as some of the days with Sal had been but it was really nice. It was peaceful and I felt like I got a small piece of my old self back.