Lana - Entry 33

Being around Lilith isn’t like being around Eve or Sal, the only two other friends I’ve really ever had. She’s much more reserved than Sal, she’s far more serious than Eve. But there is something comforting about having her around. Things don’t bother her, or I should say she doesn’t seem to be very emotional about things. Just being around her ‘matter of fact’ attitude makes me less upset about my own situation. It is what it is. Its not like I even need to ‘deal with it’ or ‘get over it’, it just is what it is, end of discussion, no feeling sorry for yourself. I don’t know, none of this probably makes any sense. Its just nice having a deep reservoir of calm around me after the emotional highs and lows I’ve been going through. 


I have started to point out and tell her about the different plants and tell her about their uses. She seems intrigued by them and told me that her home is in the desert so she’s not use to being around plants. I’m curious how is can be SO pale for having lived in a desert …but I am not about to ask.