Lana - Entry 36

It was time for Lilith and I to part ways. The road split and Meraview lay in one direction and Lilith’s destination in the other. We stood there for a bit just talking about nothing important, both reluctant to go our own way. I’m not even sure why. I had no idea where she was going or whom she was running from and she had no idea about my situation. But for some reason it felt…. better to stick together.

I was surprised when, out of the blue, she finally said that it was her uncles who were looking for her. She was running away from them and intended to go back once she’d proven herself to them. I wasn’t sure what that meant but I didn’t push her. I told her that I was cursed and if I stayed in one spot too long that I’d die and those around me would die. I didn’t offer any explanation or tell her about the coin but she also didn’t press. It felt like we had both had been holding our breath and had hurried to exhale. An awkward silence followed but then she started asking me questions. She wanted to know if I knew anyone that could help me, I said I wasn’t sure. She asked if I was going to them now, I said I didn’t know where they were but that I was trying to find them. She then said that I should go with her and after she did what she needed to do we would return to her uncles. She said they could help, that she’d see them do all sorts of wonderful things and that lifting a curse would be easy for them. She said she’d convince them to help me and that she knew that they would.

Well, it sounded like better odds to me than trying to find Eve by myself, especially since I had no idea where she was and even if I could find her if she’d be able to help me. So, here we are. I’ve found a friend, I’m going to help her on her task (which I’m sure she’ll tell me what it is when she’s ready) and then she’s going to help me be whole again. Here’s to finding a true friend!