Lana - Entry 1

If you’re reading this you shouldn’t be! And if it’s you Madeline reading this, and you don’t stop immediately, I swear I’ll burn your breakfast everyday for a year. And don’t think I won’t know!

It’s been awhile since Eve left. The moon has grown small and then large again and I still miss her. She has left me alone with only the cranky, old crone Madeline for company. Blah! Everything to her is a lesson and she drones on and on and on…. Be mindful of this, remember that, pay attention, stay focused… Ah I could scream! At least when Eve was here we had fun. She taught me how to dye my hair red with the burnt berries and how to make crowns out of the star flowers.

My family abandoned me to Madeline’s care when I was a little girl, too young for me to remember them. Madeline says it’s a great honor, that she accepted me into her tutelage because the fates had written that I could be Malakai. Oh the honor! I get to live in the middle of nowhere with a little old lady who has taught me nothing but how to cook meals for her and how to clean her house – which I can’t even manage to do well by her standards.

Eve, though, she would teach me things she wasn’t supposed to teach me. She taught me the way of the hazewood tree, and how to cut and carve the wood and how to ask it about the future. Eve taught me how to ask the wind to carry my voice so we could communicate over long distances. She taught me other things Madeline said I was still too young to know. Eve was the only friend I’ve ever had and now she’s gone and I’m all alone. That’s why I’ve started this journal. Pretty sad, right? When the only person you have to talk to is yourself!

On another note, Panithea is coming in a few days. We don’t have company very often and it will be a nice distraction. I have a sneaking suspicion that her visit is somehow tied to the particularly testy mood Madeline has been in lately. I can tell something has been worrying her. If I had to guess it means Madeline’s raised the alarm and Panithea is coming to confer.  At least her visit will be a welcome change! Hopefully I’ll find out what all the fuss is about and I’ll write again soon.