Lana - Entry 2

Panithea is here! It’s so nice to have her around. She’s not as fun as Eve but she’s also not as old as Madeline. She seems to travel all over, bringing back stories about not only the other Malakai but of places and people I’ve never seen nor met. If only Madeline was like Pan I’d be happy to wash her clothes and fix her food as we traveled the open road together! But no, we stay in the old shack and live the same day over and over again.

At least the last few days were a break from that. Pan came at dusk. Somehow Madeline knew she was coming (which doesn’t surprise me any more). She had instructed me to roast a hare for dinner, which is fancy compared to our normal evening meal. Pan looked tired when she sat down to eat. She leaned on the table, resting her head in her hands for most of supper. I wanted to hear about her latest adventures but was scolded by Madeline whenever I tried to ask questions. The rabbit was tasty though, so that was nice.

But I knew they would talk when I went to bed and I was right! I said good night and went upstairs. I’m not quite sure how it works but if you remove the loose floorboard halfway between the end of my bed and the opposite wall, lay down and place your ear over the hole, you can hear everything that goes on downstairs. Ah yes! I found out by complete accident! I wasn’t meaning to spy. BUT… now that I know its there I just can’t help myself. Madeline doesn’t tell me anything! And it’s not fair! So, I absolutely refuse to feel bad over a little eavesdropping.

Oh and you would never believe the stuff that I heard! Pan started by updating Madeline on what was going on in the world. Same stuff as before, dark shadows creeping in, False Kings causing trouble, all the stuff I had heard before, the things that made Eve leave to go help her family. (Side note: even as I write those words they make me angry. I’d never admit this out loud but I don’t like it that Eve has family out there. I know that’s wrong of me to say but I can’t help the way I feel. She’s my family but I know I’m not her’s.) Anyway, as Pan went on I could tell that Madeline was growing impatient from her tone, as she snapped, “Pan, what about the girl?” I have no idea what girl they were talking about but apparently she’s some big deal and real important to the Malakai. I’ll try and recount what I hear as best as possible.

            “I don’t know. No one can find her. Not us, not them. As far as we know she has no formal training so she must be getting help from someone to avoid detection but everyone that knows the way is accounted for.” After that they were quiet for a long time. I almost fell asleep on the floor.

            “Its worse.” Pan’s voice made me wake up. “When we crossed paths with the others who were looking for the girl, we became the hunted. And Madeline, I swear it felt like the Fallen, well not quite them… clearly or I wouldn’t still be in this world. The False Kings are close, thank Ilak the girl left when she did, or there would have been a resurrection.” Chills crept all over my arms when she said that.

I couldn’t hear anything else after that as they only talked in whispers for the rest of the night.

Anyway, I woke up on the cold, hard floor this morning, so I’m going to see if I can sneak in a nap. I’ll write when I know more!