Lana - Entry 3

Well, Panithea has come and gone. It was nice to have her here while it lasted. After the evening conversation that I’d overheard they were fairly careful not to let me be a part of their conversations again. They kept themselves sequestered inside all day huddled together in Madeline’s study, whispering to each other and pouring over old papers. When I’d brought them their lunch I’d try to hover but was instantly shooed away. On the up side it wasn’t that bad, I was pretty much left alone. At night they would leave and head out into the woods all bundled up. My instructions were to stay inside and lock the doors but really, what fun is that! I tried following them the second night. I just wanted to know what they were doing.  Well, I lost them before I even began…they were just gone! For two women of substantial age they moved like silent, stealthy snakes!

However, I didn’t waste the time I had alone. I did my own stealthy sneaking. I crept into Madeline’s study. Normally, her sanctuary is the picture of perfection, everything in its place. But when I crept in there it looked like a tornado had hit. Papers were strewn all over the room. It looked like they had been just dropped on the floor or discarded into haphazard piles. But contrary to everything in the room, the table in the middle stood bare, except for a single piece of parchment. Amidst all the chaos, this one single sheet of paper seemed to be at the center of the universe. In fact I felt sucked in by it. I’m not sure how to explain it, everything in the room just revolved around it. I felt like I was being carried forward, drawn to it. In that moment, I knew I shouldn’t have been there in the room with it. I was trespassing but even as my mind had that thought I felt my body moving forward, my feet taking tiny steps in the direction of that single piece of parchment. As my hands reached the table they were shaking. I had to grip the side of the table to steady myself.  Reluctantly my eyes dropped down to see what was written on it. Something drew me in, as if reaching up out of the page and holding onto me. What happened next was the strangest thing. I swear I heard the door behind me open and felt a wind hit my back…and then there was nothing.

I don’t know, maybe I just passed out. I woke the next morning in my own bed with the taste of ash in my mouth. Really, I can’t tell you what happened, I have no idea.  Madeline hasn’t said anything about it and I can’t ask would that go? “Sorry I was snooping around your private stuff, that you’ve told me not to touch like a million times, when something strange happened.”

Well, that’s all I have. I’m sure things will return to normal now and the next entry will be pathetic but it has been nice to have a place to put my thoughts down. Back to the boring life.