Lana - Entry 7

I’ve done nothing but walk and nap for days now. I’m so exhausted. I don’t know how much longer I can go on like this. When I left the house I packed a few things – change of clothes, some food and water, and of course my journal – and just started walking.

At first, I thought about going to find Pan. But then a realization hit me. Pan knew! That’s why she left in such a hurry, she knew! What an amazing coward! Pan knew Madeline and I were in trouble and she just left. Who does that? An awful person does that! A coward. A traitor! Someone too selfish to think about their friends. I can’t believe I ever looked up to her! It’s Pan’s fault Madeline is dead and I’m forced to walk through this world alone. I thought about finding her and then throwing away the coin so what ever it was would come and take both of us, but I don’t want to die. So, I guess I’m selfish too.

Why didn’t Madeline tell me what was going on? I never would have crossed that stupid circle. I’m so angry with her. She should have told me.

Now, I have no idea what I’m going to do or where I’m going to go. The only person I know, other than the coward Pan, is Eve. If only I could find her, she’d know what to do but I have no idea where she is.

I can’t believe looking at one single piece of paper has put me here. It’s not fair!