Lana - Entry 13

Well, I wish I had more to report. Life on the road has gotten pretty boring. The sun rises and sets and I keep walking. Is this what life is now? I guess it is and the sooner I accept it the better. My legs are so tried. My muscles use to ache with soreness each time I got up to start walking again. That finally went away and I was thrilled that my body was getting tougher. But now my muscles are just tried. It feels like I have to put so much more effort into moving, uphill is the worst, even the smallest hill feels like a mountain and requires a battle of my will. I tell myself I’m not in a hurry, I just have to keep moving, take it easy. But at this rate I’ll make it to Mearview when I’m old and grey. Truly though I have no idea how far away it is and I should ask that next time I see someone.

I keep thinking of Sal. His piercing eyes and the way he made my stomach flip when he smiles at me. I wish I could have stayed with him. He was everything a man should be. He was strong and comfortable with the world around him. He was so smart and so handsome. Ah, if I could just see him again. I almost feel like he could help me. I know that’s silly but I can’t help thinking he’d know what to do. Although, I’m sure he’d think I’m insane and go running for the hills if I told him about my curse. Anyway, doesn’t really matter now, does it? Since, I will never see him again.