Lana - Entry 12

It is such a beautiful night tonight. I’m resting now, its still early. I’ve taken to resting early in the evening and then moving along for a bit once the moon is high. Its nearly full, so when its overhead I can see just fine. I even have a shadow because the moon is so bright. Right now I’m just relaxing by my small fire. I’ve been watching the wispy, bright, orange flames lick the night sky while thinking of the things that have happened over the last few days.

I’ve met the strangest of men! To be completely forthright I’m not exactly sure he is all that strange. My knowledge and interactions with the opposite sex has been very limited. But something tells me he’s different and our encounter WAS strange. Here’s what happened….

It was a few days back and night had almost fallen. It was in the hour when the world is turning to grey and the shadows fell long across the road. That’s when I noticed him, his tall, lanky form stretched across the top of a fallen tree, his dark hair blending into the shadows. He seemed so at peace, I stopped and just watched him for a while. He was just staring up at the sky, his hands were resting on his stomach and I could see them rise and fall with each breath. I know I shouldn’t have been watching him. I know, I know. But there was something about him that was fascinating.

However, I did start to become afraid that he would see me watching him. I started walking again and tried to make some noise. He seemed to be caught totally by surprise. He jumped up, as if startled, paused for a moment and then with his grey eyes looked me up and down as if I was some unknown creature.

I felt I should say something, so I apologized for startling him.

“Who are you?”, those were his first worlds to me.

I told him my name was Lana. I’m not sure how to describe it but he seemed so perplexed by my being there, and even said so. He said, “You’re not suppose to be here.”

“Excuse me?” The tone of my response might have been sharper than I intended, but it was just such an odd thing to say.

He took a step closer to me; I remember those grey eyes of his staring at me. “I can’t see you.”

All of a sudden I felt like I needed to get out of there and I started to move away form him.

Instantly, his mood changed and he smiled at me. He was so handsome when he smiled. “I’m Saleter, but my friends call me Sal.” And like that we were friends. He started a fire and cooked dinner for us. He talked about philosophy and he pointed out the constellations. It was so nice to have someone to talk to. It made me feel like a person again and not just this lost, roaming soul I had become. And he was so charming; he kept touching me, nothing big, just a hand on the shoulder or making sure our fingers touched when he passed me bread. I wanted to stay with him forever, but the wind picked up and I realized I had been there too long. I told him I had to go. He didn’t even ask why, he just said that it had been nice to meet me. And like that I was gone and I will probably never see him again. Ah, that thought is so painful. I can’t believe I’ve lost him because of this stupid curse! New resolution, I must not just get uncursed but I must find out what did this to me and destroy it!