Lana - Entry 18

I am in love with Sal. I am. I love him. He’s perfect and I’ve told him everything. He was so frustrated with me, angry almost. I just couldn’t take it anymore and I broke down. I sobbed and sobbed while telling him my whole story. I told him how I had looked at the paper, becoming cursed and how I had broken the circle of protection Madeline had made. I sobbed while I told him about how Madeline had given me the coin and how she had died for me. I told him about how I had to keep moving and how I knew when the wind picked up and started to fill with voices that I had been one place for too long. After I had told him everything he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. Can you believe that?!! Oh, if only I had known I would have told him when we first met. I can still feel his arms around me and his lips on mine. I can’t think of anything else, I don’t want anything else but him. He gently brushed the hair off of my face and looked at me with those grey piercing eyes. He continued to stroke my face while he told me he was so sorry for what I had been going through and, he said that I should have told him sooner. All I wanted was for him to kiss me again, its all I wanted, just to feel his lips on mine again. But instead he took my hands and insisted that I sit. I asked him if he thought I was crazy. He laughed at me and said that this actually explains so much.

I could barely believe what he told me but he didn’t question my story and I will not question his. He said that he can see people, I mean without having to see them with his eyes. Its more like he can feel them. He can tell how many people are in a room without seeing into the room. He knows when people are coming down the road or if there are people nearby. He says its limited by distance but if he had met a person before he can find them later no matter how far away they were. He said that that was why he was so surprised when I came across him that first day on the road. That I was the first person, in a very long time, to have ever taken him by surprise, and that he had had a hard time believing that I was real. He said that it all made sense now because the coin had been hiding me. He asked if he could see it.

I will admit that I was a little reluctant to relinquish it. It made me nervous to have it pass out of my possession. I watched intently as he rubbed the markings with his thumb. I fought the urge to snatch it back as he looked at it. I have no idea where that impulse came from, its not like he was going to jump up and run away with it. He said that the “U” and the circle with 2 parallel lines were both symbols that represented keeping something hidden and then he simply handed it back.

 And now we’re getting along so well. He is no longer frustrated with our pace; in fact, he seems happier now than ever. I’ll never keep anything from him again!