Lana - Entry 19

Sal came to me this morning and said he thinks he knows of someone who can help. He says he’s never met the man, only heard of him. But he says if the rumors are true that this man can work miracles. He said he was hesitant to say anything because he didn’t want to get my hopes up but that after giving it a lot of thought he thinks its our best chance of fixing me. He actually said ‘our’, like he is thinking about an ‘us’, like we’re a team. Could he actually be thinking of us being more than just friends? He hasn’t kissed me again, although I’m dying for him to do it. He does take my hand often enough, which just makes my heart race. And I haven’t brought up the kiss yet; I just don’t want to ruin things. He’s being so nice.

Anyway, I’ve told him that I trust him and if he thinks that this guy is my best bet than I would try. So, we’ve stopped heading in the direction of Meraview and I’m letting Sal lead the way. He said it might take a while to find this man but joked about how we at least will make good time on the account that we have to keep moving.