Lana - Entry 20

Well, we’re still searching for Sal’s miracle man, the man he thinks can help lift my curse. We’ve passed through a few small villages but Sal says he’s not there. Apparently being a miracle man is something Sal will be able to pickup on when he is “searching” the people. I’m not quite sure what else to call what Sal does. As we get near a village he closes his eyes, gets quiet for a moment and then can simply say how many people are there and where they are. It’s actually been a lot of fun! He tells me what he sees and then we go through the town – he is always right! It’s amazing. He doesn’t know how or why he has this gift, just that he can do what he can do. However, I am a little skeptical, if Madeline could hide me then maybe this miracle man could hid himself. Sal says that it’s very unlikely. He says that Madeline must have truly been great; when he talks about her I can hear in his voice a tone of respect and wonder. To me she was just a grumpy old woman but if Sal is this impressed she must have been something.

Sal explained that to make such an object, like the one Madeline made for me, it takes a huge amount of energy, and that it’s not simply making a coin with a few symbols. He said it can be rather easy to hid things but that it’s totally different to make something appear as if it wasn’t there. He tried to explain the difference to me but I just don’t think I’m smart enough to get it because I’m still rather confused on the difference.

Still no kiss but I just love being around him and listening to him. He knows so much about the world and he’s so confident. I don’t think there is anything he couldn’t do. I know he’ll be able to save me.