Lana - Entry 40

Well, Lilith seems to have gotten over being mad with me for asking about her mission and neither of us have brought it up. We’ve gone back to talking about plants and have now added boys into the mix. She’s been explaining them to me. She says that understanding them is easy, that they are basic and can easily be dealt with if you follow a few simple principles.

1)    Never give them attention. If you have to break this rule make sure its nothing positive. The moment you give them positive attention they will lose interest immediately.

2)    Never be interested in anything they say. The moment you are, is the moment they will stop trying to impress you.

3)    Never let them get away with anything. If they do anything, anything at all you don’t like you have to show them how displeased you are, even if it means being overly dramatic.

I think back to how I behaved with Sal, how I had done so many things wrong. No wonder he didn’t care about me. I’m so happy to have Lilith in my life to teach me these things! Madeline was supposed to be some great teacher but all I ever learned under her tutelage was how to wash dishes.