Lana - Entry 41

Lilith told me a little more about what she needs to do, not everything but she is starting to open up. She says we’re heading to the Great Barrier Mountains, that we need to find someone. She seems excited about how close we’re getting. She says the pace we have to keep so that the curse doesn’t find me is actually helping. She seems excited about it. 


I have to admit I’m excited too. I never dreamed I’d see this much of the world. And now the Great Barrier Mountains! She says that they are so tall they pierce the sky. I can’t even imagine that. In a few days we’ll be reaching Aldane, a city bigger than any one I’ve been to so far. I wonder if there will be more people there than at the festival. My head still swims just thinking about the event, how much action there was, how everything was always moving, the constrain flow of people. When I sleep at night I’ve been dreaming of what Aldane will look like. Oh, I can’t wait.