Lana - Entry 38

I’ve told Lilith all about Sal and the coin today. I know I shouldn’t have but I can’t imagine Lilith wanting the coin. She seems to have everything and her uncles are rich and powerful. She talked of them curing me like it would be nothing. How could men like that want a silly little coin? So I told her everything. She listened to every word and when I drew to the end of the story she grew very quite, then finally said ‘he’s lucky he’s dead’. The words were so simple but they seemed so dark and venomous when she spoke them. The hair on my arms stood up and a shiver crept down my back. I had no doubt that he was better off dead than whatever Lilith was imagining. She scared me but I’ve never had anyone care that much about me. Never had anyone feel what I had been through like that. She is more than a friend, she is my sister.