Lana - Entry 44

They found us. The men that are hunting Lilith found us and we almost didn’t escape. We had just reached Aldane. We were walking up to the city and I stopped. I’m actually a little relieved that we didn’t make it inside. The walls were so tall; they reached for the sky and stretched off in either direction, like they were circling the world. I just stopped, head back, mouth open, eyes wide unable to even comprehend how people, PEOPLE, could make something like that. My imagination is truly not grand enough because I would never have dreamt of something so big. Well, mountains maybe but not something manmade. I just can’t even think of how they did it. Just amazing.

Anyway, at the time I had stopped trying to wrap my mind around it all. It took Lilith a moment to realize I wasn’t with her anymore but she finally turned around to see where I was. When she saw my face she actually smiled. I had seen her really smile only a few times and I remember thinking how beautiful she was when she smiled. My face is too plain; I’d never be beautiful like her. She waved me forward and I could hear her shout at me, saying that if this dump impressed me I’d never believe how magnificent her home was.

Before I could take a step forward a man came out of nowhere and grabbed her. I saw her kicking and scratching at him but he wouldn’t let her go. I was frozen. I wanted to run to her and help but my feet were as heavy as lead. And then it was almost like things slowed down and I saw Lilith raise a knife in one hand, I don’t even know where she pulled it from, and then she buried it into his leg. He let out an ear-piercing scream as Lilith wiggled free. Time sped back up as she raced to me and grabbed my hand. She pulled me after her and suddenly life returned to my legs. We didn’t head into Aldane but instead turned back the way we had came and just ran.