Lana - Entry 48

They’ve taken Lilith and it’s all my fault. They’ve taken her and she’s gone. If only I had kept moving like she had wanted everything would be fine now. If only I wasn’t so weak.

They came in the night. I woke to rough hands dragging me over the ground. I think they had accidentally grabbed me instead of Lilith. Lilith was on her feet, knife in hand, standing in front of what was left of our small fire. The man that was holding me spoke softly to her.

“Lilith, its over. You’re coming back with me.”

She just scowled at him and said that she wasn’t. There was so much hate in her voice, I was stunned.

He then said the strangest thing. He said, “Lilith, come back with me or I’ll touch her.” I’m not sure what he meant because he was already touching me. I could feel his bony fingers through the fabric of my shirt.

She looked at me. Our eyes met and for a fleeting moment she looked so sad. But then her gaze grew cold as she returned her stare back to my captor. “Go ahead, Marwolaeth.”

With his right hand, he let go of my arm and ever so gently ran his thumb down my check. Everything went black. I had fallen to my knees; he was no longer holding me. For a moment I saw the blurry outlines of Lilith running away and something chasing her. Then it was black again. I had fallen on my side in the dirt, I couldn’t move. My vision returned for a moment and I saw that the man had Lilith, he was dragging her back to the road, where he tied her arms and legs and threw her over a horse then took off. Everything went back again.

When I woke, everything was still night. The wind was picking up and the voices were coming. I got up and ran down the road in the direction that he had taken Lilith. It’s all my fault.