Lana - Entry 11

I came across a town; well it was really just a few small houses clustered together. There was a handful of people, some fat lazy cows and a few dogs milling around. The whole place seemed so peaceful and cozy. I caught myself imaging what it would be like to live there but quickly stopped myself, all I would bring these nice people is death and destruction. However, instead of avoiding the village and its people I held my head up high and marched right in, I needed to ask for directions.

Before I could approach anyone a young woman came up to me. She looked really concerned and asked if I needed help. I’m not sure why she looked so concerned; maybe they didn’t get a lot of people passing through. But feeling very pleased with the way the interaction was already going, I smiled broadly at her, nodded and told her that yes I did indeed need help. Then I asked her if she could point me in the direction of Mearview. Still looking concerned she pointed in a direction and said to follow the road. She said that all roads lead to Mearview as long as I took them in that direction. I thanked her for the information and headed out on my way.

I’m doing it, I’m putting myself out there and it feels great. I’m taking charge of my life and for the first time I’m responsible for my decisions and myself. I will admit that at first that realization was a little terrifying but now that I’m getting use to it I feel liberated! Here’s to my new liberated self!